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Online Calculators at WebCalcSolutions.com - Helping You Calculate Your Next Move
WebCalcSolutions.com is a website offering online calculators on a subscription basis.PeteSoft, LLC owns and operates this website and the site was fully conceptualized and developed by us.

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Online Calculators at WebCalcSolutions.com - Helping You Calculate Your Next Move
The Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator featured on the home page is a fully functioning calculator embedded into the page.
Try it out yourself! This Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator is a fully functioning example of how all the calculators work.Calculator Features:

  • Notice how results are recalculated each time you change a value and tab out of that field.
  • Move your cursor over any field prompt text to get help for that field or move your cursor over any output field to see the formula used in its calculation.
  • These help and formula fields do not disappear after a few seconds, they will stay as long as your cursor is over the field.
  • Print your results with or without formulas.
A picture is worth a thousand words! Several of the calculators include an image with the field help when visualizing the text’s message is critical.This example shows the field help text and image for measuring the ‘Triceps’ skinfold.
We offer lots of comparison calculators.
Comparison calculators let you look at the same loan with different variables like interest rate, down payment amount, or additional principal so you can see what variables make the most difference.
Calculators are fully customizable.
The graphic, color scheme, fonts, and default values can be customized by the customer. You can even turn off the popup help text and you can easily have the calculator start up with no default values.The background of this image shows the default values for the Simple Loan Payment Calculator. When you lookup a specific calculator, the page generates and displays the default values for the correct calculator.
Can’t find what you linked to or searched for?
We’ll help you with that! Notice the name ‘Debt Elimination’ is highlighted in yellow. When you click one of the help icons by a calculator name at the top of the page, it takes you to the calculator’s description down below and highlights it for you so your eyes are drawn right to the information you’re looking for.We do the same kind of highlighting from many links that take you to different pages and from the Page Search feature on the Calculator List page.(Note: The example here with the Debt Calculators page isn’t the best real-life example of how useful this feature is since it only has 4 calculators listed, but it was a good image to use here since it shows where you came from and jumped to all in one screen shot. Go to WebCalcSolutions.com and click some of the text links and I think you’ll agree this is a very nice feature and you’ll wish some other websites you use a lot would add it!)