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The software you need – the way you need it!

We’ve been around long enough to know how hard it is for a company to get software developed to meet their needs!

With a combined 50-plus years of experience in software development, we have worked on every kind of system (from mainframes to minis, and now personal computers, web development, and mobile apps) and many of the ever-changing software development environments that come and go. We have made each transition easily and have always made a focused effort to keep up with the technology changes so we would not limit our abilities. Our goal is always to be able to offer our clients solutions using the latest technologies as their businesses and needs grow and change. Our unique development model allows us to maximize our different experiences and talents so we can offer services ranging from full system, web, and database design and development through implementation or anything in between.

Areas of Expertise

  • Web Programming – ASP.Net, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, PHP, AJAX
  • Microsoft .Net – VB, C#, C++
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySql
  • API Integration to 3rd party products
  • System Design – User Interface, Database, Source Code Structure & Management, Object-oriented, MVC model
  • Consulting

Recent Projects

  • Web Development
    • - Free online personal calculators and quizzes for mortgage, loan, debt, health, fitness, parenting.
    • - Subscription based and customizeable online personal calculators and quizzes customers add to their website.
    • - Tips for losing weight and other weight loss help.
    • Marvellous Catering - Web based system to manage catering business. The system keeps all job details, generates and emails proposals and invoices, manages recipes, prices, and profits.
    • Alpha1Access - Physician web portal where the medical lab’s client physicians log in and access patient test results and reports, submit changes, and request test kits. HIPAA regulations apply so security is extremely important.
    • Rocket Cents - Web based consumer debt elimination program.
    • Burnlounge - Web based backoffice support system.
  • Commercial Resale Systems
    • CRUSH (S3 Software Systems) – Auto recycling store software. The system tracks incoming vehicles, makes seller payments, and helps with state and federal regulations. A custom CDU (Cash Dispensing Unit) or ATM module integrates with the system data to make sure customers cannot collect multiple payments from one vehicle sale. A touch screen POS system handles the store sales with full cashier tracking and accountability. The backend handles commodity tracking and payments received. In a highly vulnerable environment like auto recycling, security and accountability are high priority.
    • VuTherapy - Online video therapy sessions with notes, appointments, reminders, etc.
    • - Therapist practice management system.
  • Company Internal use Custom Systems
    • Alpha1Center (Medical lab) – Data entry, test results, integration with Microsoft Word to generate test result letters, data search and integration with Microsoft Excel for ad hoc reports.
    • Keeler Thomas (Financial Advisors) – Commission Calculation System.
    • Keeler Thomas (Financial Advisors) – Client Billing System.

Areas of Interest

  • Web based applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Design and implement custom applications
  • Using OpenSource software as a base for custom systems
  • Database design
  • Develop systems using C++, C# or C.Net
  • Develop Windows applications for company use or commercial sales
  • Design and develop Word, Excel, PDF, and QuickBooks add-on or enhancement features or products
  • Consulting

Older Projects

  • Warehouse Management
    • Order fulfillment
    • Box Sizing Algorithm – automatically selects the best size box for the items on the order – saves on cost of boxes and shipping charges, doesn’t require experienced employees to know what size box to use.
    • Pick tickets with pick zone separation and item location; sorting by bay, shelf and lane – making new, inexperienced employees productive.
    • Order Shipment Tracking.
    • Common carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS, Purolator, Canada Post, etc) system integration.
    • Email notification of order shipment.
    • Order/Shipment status via carrier websites.
    • Backorder tracking and fulfillment.
  • Multi-Level Marketing Commission calculations and payment by checks, bank cards and direct deposit.
  • Fundraising for multiple entities with shared donor base, campaign goals and management, and consolidated management reports.
  • Custom business application programming.
  • Electronic credit card processing.
  • Sales tax calculation and disbursement reports.