About Us

We are Russ & Liz Petersen. We married in 1986 as college students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Armed with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, we headed to Colorado for a job with IBM. Our oldest son was born there and we moved back to Utah shortly after. Liz worked for BYU while Russ began some contract and consulting work. We switched places after a couple of years – Liz stayed home with the 2 boys while Russ worked at WordPerfect. The contracting work was getting busy enough that when WordPerfect sold to Novell we took the leap and became completely self-employed. We’ve been totally on our own for about 20 years and 3 more sons.

In our blog, OurBusinessAffair.com, we’ll answer the most common questions people ask us about working together all day, every day. The most common question people ask us is, “How do you work together after a fight?” Our answer: “Don’t fight! (or figure it out quick)” We’ll talk about our projects and what’s working and what’s not, we’ll talk about the fears and  frustrations of being self-employed. Our boys can never escape the “business” talk at the dinner table, so we’ll probably write about the family too – some are even joining us in the business a little. Every subject is wide open since there’s no line between business and life for us – politics, finances, technology news, parenting, religion, traffic, weather, in-laws, whatever.

Our company, PeteSoft LLC, develops custom software applications for businesses. The two company founders have over 50 years experience developing software. Through those years we have worked on practically all platforms – starting with mainframes, mini-computers, personal computers, and now internet websites and mobile phone apps. We have worked with many operating systems and have experience in a vast number of industries.

We can handle all or any part of a job – concept, design, features, functionality, user interface, database design, code development, documentation, and training.