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OurBusinessAffair.com blog - How We Run a Business and Stay Married
OurBusinessAffair.com is a traditional blog site where we write about our experiences as a married couple running a business together – working side by side, day in and day out.

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The most common question people ask us is, “How do you work together after a fight?” Our answer: “Don’t fight! (or figure it out quick)” We’ll talk about our projects and what’s working and what’s not, we’ll talk about the fears and frustrations of being self-employed. Our boys can never escape the “business” talk at the dinner table, so we’ll probably write about the family too – some are even joining us in the business a little. Every subject is wide open since there’s no line between business and life for us – politics, finances, technology news, parenting, religion, traffic, weather, in-laws, whatever.