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Keeler Thomas – Commission System

Keeler Thomas - Commission System
Keeler Thomas, Inc. is a financial services firm. They work with customers to develop and manage wealth through financial and investment planning and retirement planning.

  • Platform: PC Network
  • Languages: Visual Basic, SQL
  • Framework: MS Visual Studio, Access Database

This client was using Excel spreadsheets as much as possible to calculate the agent commissions then manually fixing up the exceptions. Over the years, some of the Excel formulas had been changed unknowingly and the manual process always raised questions about the accuracy. A lot of time was spent each month researching the questions. (Since Excel didn’t track any detail, research involved looking up numbers in huge, bound computer printouts.) Fixing the problems was another huge task since sometimes an agent’s commission had been affected for months.

PeteSoft, LLC designed and developed an application to track and report the agent commissions. Each product (life insurance, etc.) has very individual commission structures and each agent potentially has different contract terms as well. So we had to set up a database and write the program to handle all those tedious tasks. (We have written commission payout programs for multi-level companies for many years so we were undaunted by this project.)

Keeler Thomas - Commission System
Data accuracy is the critical thing!
Commission data can be imported or entered in this Rep Transaction screen.

  • At the bottom you see all the transactions for the agent.
  • The color alternates to visually separate commission periods.
  • The data displayed can be expanded or narrowed by selecting a new transaction period then clicking the ‘+ Prev’ or ‘+ Next’ buttons.