Keeler Thomas – Billing System

Keeler Thomas - Billing System
Keeler Thomas, Inc. is a financial services firm. They work with customers to develop and manage wealth through financial and investment planning and retirement planning.

  • Platform: PC Network
  • Languages: C#, SQL
  • Framework: MS Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server
  • Integrations: Excel

This commission billing system is our 2nd project for Keeler Thomas. They have a unique client billing model where they apply any commission credit they receive from their agent companies to their clients’ accounts. The agent software they use that manages client investments generates client billing and invoicing, but it does not do commission credits. The work-around theyhave used was to export the client billing data from the agent software each month then create an Excel invoice for each client. This process is time-consuming and required diligent validation each month to avoid user error. Invoice payment tracking and unpaid/underpaid invoice reminders were almost impossible to manage.

Our solution allows them to request the agent software export that creates a client ledger. They add commission credits to each client ledger before running invoices. Invoice payments are entered into the client ledgers so unpaid, overpaid or underpaid invoices can carry the balance forward to the next invoice.