Alpha1Center Lab Software

Alpha1Center Lab Software
Alpha1Center is a medical lab that tests blood samples for certain deficiencies.

  • Platform: PC Network
  • Languages: C#, SQL
  • Framework: MS Visual Studio 2012, MS SQL Server
  • Integrations: Excel, Word, PDF

This company wasted years of productivity and lots of money through several attempts by other programmers and contractors to get their new system implemented. They were very pleased when PeteSoft, LLC was able to design and develop an application for their office staff to track the samples through the entire process, from receiving, testing and reporting results by generating letters to the patients’ physicians.

Alpha1Center Lab Software
Good design work and creative problem solving led to great results!

  • As forms are received the data is entered in the red section (Notice the tabs which effectively stretch the screen space.)
  • Each clinic or physician that sends samples has their own form. The red section changes to match each form so data entry personnel just read the form and enter it in the logical order.
  • There are several steps and forms generated (not shown here) to initiate and track samples through testing.
  • Results are then entered in the blue section on the right.
  • Once a sample has results that have been verified and finalized, letters are generated that will be sent to the patients’ physicians.
  • The biggest challenges with this system included: limited screen space, accuracy and security, the need for flexibility in searching and reporting, and the need to respond instantly to phone calls regarding specimens.
Alpha1Center Lab Software
What good is all the data if you can’t find anything? We created a comprehensive
search tool with these features:

  • Some data cannot be searched as a range (i.e. kits, centers, and many of the result fields), so users select individual values to report.
  • The results are presented in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Fields are added or deleted from the report spreadsheet by clicking them on or off in the field list to the left.
  • Any column in the spreadsheet can be selected for ascending or descending sort.
  • Printing the spreadsheet uses Excel so it looks great.